Tangueria Concert

This concert makes a different milestone in the musical offer of the year.
Since together with acting in the public space and inviting the public to dance, It brought together artists from three generations who first played together.
The event showed all aspects and possibilities of this genre.
70 artists on stage who toured the great tango classics, from their origins to their most contemporary proposals. Under the artistic direction of Gustavo Mozzi, artistic director of the Tango Festival of the City of Buenos Aires and the musical direction of Juan Carlos Cuacci with the soloists Pablo Agri (violin), Juan Esteban Cuacci (piano), Lautaro Greco (bandoneón) and Juan Pablo Navarro (double bass) – musicians of the Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra – featured the participation of Escalandrum, a band led by Daniel “Pipi” Piazzola, grandson of maestro Astor
Piazzola, a complete orchestra and the world-renowned Argentinian performers Raúl Lavie and Julia Zenko.

Technical Director
Minera Escondida
November 213

El gran Pipi Piazola

Tago word 2013 champions

The big day.

Sound In put.

Stage Plot.