Teatroonirus is a professional theatre company dedicated to investigate several expressive languages related to theatre, be it in play-houses or in non-conventional environments.

Founded in January 2007, after a grant from the Chilean government, immediately sets forth as a stable company.

Four fundamental aspects define the works of Teatroonirus:

  1. Its interest in corporality, the actors' physical performance and its many variants.

  2. A natural leaning to story tales linked to the fantasy world. The scenic art as a tool to express the metaphysical.

  3. The intervening of public spaces, the direct contact with the viewer, the use of urban areas as a milieu for art and culture. With this in mind, we have developed large formats for street theatre.

  4. Uninterrupted search of stage language construction. For us, each project must find its genuine expressive structure, be it spatially, musically or the acting. For us, the stage story is both, the tale (what is told) and the style (the way in which it is told).

I am a founder member of the company. During the creation of at least 7 theater performances and a dozen of corporative events I determined the technical needs of the project and scenery building for all new creations. When touring, organized all technical aspects of the event including scenery, sound, lighting, video, props, logistics & crew.

Technical Director / Head Rigger / Logistics
2006 – 2012

Gilles de Raiz" by Vicente Huidobro. 2010,

“Y quén no sabe como es un dragon?”, 2008

“El Pais De Jauja”, Street Theater, 2009

Magia Austral. Street Teater. 2009

“La Niña y los Sortilegios” 2007

"519A El Umbral" Auca Butoh & Carla Lobos. 2012